Welcome to Kick-N-Flava!!!

Kick-N-Flava is an eight-member band from Dayton, Ohio that brings a mixture of dance, pop/love ballads, contemporary jazz, old school funk, and blues. This band plays an assortment of classic songs from the 60’s to the present, line dancing and they top it all off with a touch of Motown.

Kick-N-Flava is available for:

Community Events
Park and Street Festivals,
Private Parties
Corporate Events.

Some of our repeat clients are:
Dayton Art Institute
Ohio Fish and Shrimp
Hollywood Casinos
The American Heart Association (annual ball)
Creekside Blues
Jazz Festival
Montgomery County Five River Metro Park
The Columbus Rib and Jazz Festival
The Fraze Pavilion

The are those times when you take a chance on a band that you might have heard of in passing but have not experienced personally. “Kick-N-Flava” is one of those bands that, should you have an opportunity to see them, you had better go or you’ll be missing out on one fantastic performance.  This bands approach to making music is as refreshing as it is inspiring. Check them out the next time you hear that they’re in a city near you.